VRDET Personnel

Welcome to the VRDET personnel information database!

Below you will find links to the profiles of VR members past and present.
Clicking on the name of a person below will yield a character profile, and if the person has written any additional literature
(RPG stories, character origins, etc.), it will probably also be listed.

Spartacus Backshadow Bluefoot Blur
Katze J. Brenner Brynhild Cyohtee
Damocles Lord Forrest Dr. Forrester
Sir Timothy Geier Hakker Sabastian Hanlon
Allan Hartaughe Xarala Hawkmoon Jabowah
Necktie Junction Keebler Nexxus 3 Kline
Keili Lamont Kaosfury M. Logrus Lorin
Nick M Brian Mulholland Malaclypse the Seeker
Meethos Merengue Aristalarus L. Merquoni
Red Paladin Hayley G. Parker Phoenix
Maruchan Ramen Ransom M. Roberts
Tevon Shadowcaster Sparhawk Stryker
Theseus Selvane Vladiva

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