VRDET Character Profile: Theseus

Name: Theseus
Species: Human
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 167 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Jihad positions:

Private 1st, Verthandic Rangers Explorations


Theseus's main weapon is a sword made completely of black jade, which was given to him by the leader of the Dark Prism before he left the order. He also uses a MIL-SPECTM handgun that he has slightly modified by using his powers.

Basic history:

Theseus had long been part of a clerical order called the Dark Prism, which worships an object that exists outside of this dimension. He was a member of this order until about eight years ago, when he began having disturbing dreams and visions. He also experienced several spells of fainting and a general feeling of listlessness, a feeling that he didn't belong. So, he left the order and started travelling the world. He was meant to be someplace, and he figured that if he kept searching, he would eventually find it. While in Washington, D.C., he had his first experience with the Hellwyrm. It came in the form of what, at the time, he assumed to be a demonstration of some sort. There were hundreds of people...mostly children, but quite a few parents. Intrigued, he waited around until the program (for that's what it was) started. In a few moments, that purple thing stepped onto the stage. The next few hours were the worst in his life. He tried to escape, but the crowd was so thick that he couldn't reach the exit. After he did finally manage to get out, he decided to dedicate his life to trying to achieve the destruction of this creature. He discovered that the creature had a television show on PBS, and he spent many torturous hours studying this program and this creature. A while later, he heard about the Jihad and decided to join them in their noble quest.


Through his studies in the Dark Prism, Theseus developed the ability to alter reality. There is a catch, however: perception. Most of reality exists in a state of uncertainty. When reality is perceived, it becomes unalterable. The only way Theseus can alter perceived reality is by altering the perceptions of those that perceive it. Altering uncertain reality - unperceived reality - is easiest for him. Basically, this means that he can only change reality when there aren't many people around. He can use his power with a few people near, by altering their perceptions. The more people there are around, the more difficult it is to use his abilities. If a telepath or anyone with psychic powers is near, he can't use his abilities at all. Theseus has a lot of trouble using his powers on living creatures. It's fairly easy to convince an intelligent mind that something is happening to an object around it, but it's extremely hard to convince a mind that it itself is being changed.

Theseus tends to stand out in a crowd and has a lot of trouble fitting in. He tends to be a bit of a flake, but once he gets started on something he keeps at it until he's finished. Theseus is a hard worker and extremely dedicated to the Jihad.

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