VRDET Character Profile: Allan Hartaughe

Name: Allan Hartaughe
Race: Appears to be human.

Jihad Positions:

Verthandic Rangers Exploratory Division
Looking into a Jihad Praxium Veneficus position

Physical Description:

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Sandy blond
Other distinguishing features:

Allan is missing his left hand as a result of a dimensional portal closing around it.

Normal Attire:

Allan, when not in uniform, usually wears rugged, outdoors-type attire -- hiking boots, denim jeans, loose denim shirt -- and can often be found wearing a hooded travelling cloak. He prefers this attire when on missions rather than the standard VRDET uniform. He tends to find uniforms very constricting.

Personality notes:

Allan is quite easy-going, if a bit blunt at times. He has a tendency to speak his mind, regardless of the time or topic, yet is willing to listen to what others have to say. He also suffers from what can best be called "wanderlust", and spends most of his free time exploring his new home. Despite the loss of his hand, he has maintained a sense of humor about his current situation. Just don't call him "Stumpy" to his face.

Brief history:

        Allan Hartaughe was born on an alternate Earth where the practice of magic is as common as the use of technology. At an early age, he discovered an aptitude for the mystic arts, as well as those of a more scholarly nature. As he matured, he combined both talents with a love of exploration.

        It was on one of his many exploration trips that he came across an enclave of sorcerers who had attempted to summon a demon. They'd succeeded, but were unable to contain or control the demon. As it chanted a sickening tune, it had slaughtered it's summoners.

        Perhaps bravely, perhaps foolishly, Allan attempted to drive the demon back through the rift the demon had appeared in. He succeeded, but the demon grabbed him and pulled him through the portal as it closed. Allan lost a hand in the portal.

        When he awoke, he found that he was a prisoner of the demon. It was only due to the intervention of the Jihad that he was able to escape.

        Seeing that VRDET was probably his only chance to get home, he joined their Explorations division. He has also expressed an interest in the new Jihad Praxium Veneficus.

Special Abilities:

        Allan has a sizable number of magical spells at his disposal, from simple "parlor tricks" to combat spells. He will be the first to admit that the spells he knows are not the strongest ones available on his native world.

Weapons and Armor:

        Allan prefers to rely on his magical abilities, but has come to appreciate the firepower of modern handguns. He prefers to use the Israeli UZI, and has been known to wear an easily-concealable suit of bullet-proof (as far as conventional firearms are concerned) armor under his travelling cloak.

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